Septic Tank Repair Service in Lawrenceville Provides:

Septic Tank Repair Service and Septic Tank Pumping

Some Examples of Septic Tank Repair

Septic Tank Pumping


Septic Tank Repair of Baffle

Baffle Repair

Septic Tank Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

Septic Tank Pumping

  • You should have your septic tank pumped at least every 3-5 years, depending on how many people live in your house and how big your septic tank is. Even though it may seem like your septic system is working fine, you need to maintain your septic tank by getting it pumped regularly, so you don’t end up damaging your drain field or needing a septic tank repair. Septic tank pumping only costs a few hundred, but replacing your drain field will cost a few thousand!

Septic Tank Baffle Repair

  • If your septic tank was installed before 1998, the baffle is made out of concrete, and over time, the methane gas will cause it to disintegrate. If that happens, the solids which are supposed to stay in the septic tank, will then go out into the drain (or leach) field causing them to fail. Therefore, Georgia code requires that baffle be replaced. We can provide that septic tank repair for you!

Septic Tank Filter

  • Your septic tank filter needs to be cleaned as well. In order to do this, you have to open up the septic tank to get to it. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to replace the filter. We also offer installing a bigger high output filter.

More Examples of Septic Repairs

Septic Tank Riser




Septic Clean Out

Septic Clean Out

Septic Tank Risers

  • Because you need to get your septic tank pumped and your filter cleaned regularly, you could have us install risers. Septic tank risers go from the tank to the top of the ground. They have a lid that can be opened, which means that one; you know exactly where your tank openings are and two; your yard doesn’t have to be dug up every time you have your septic tank maintenance done!

Mainline Repair

  • The mainline going from the house to the septic tank could get clogged if you put things like grease, or wipes (don’t even flush the “flushable septic safe ones”), or other items that shouldn’t be put into your septic system. We can try to clear out the mainline with a jetting system, but if it needs to be repaired or replaced, we can do that too!

Septic Clean Out

  • If you have a septic tank cleanout, it’s good to know where it’s located in case your septic system gets backed up. But what’s even better, is to have us install a sewer popper in the cleanout, so that if your septic system DOES back up, the popper will pop out and release the excess septic OUTSIDE instead of inside your house through the plumbing lines! If you have a back up, give us a call for your septic tank repair. We don’t charge more for after hours, weekends, or holidays. And we do NOT work off of commission, so we can give you an honest price!

Drain (or leach) Field Repairs

Drain or Leach Field

Drain Field

Septic Tank and drain or leach field design

Tank and Field

Drain Line

Drain Line

Drain (or Leach) Field

  • If you don’t keep your septic tank pumped, then it cannot work properly. The sludge, which is supposed to stay in the tank, will go into your drain (or leach) field and cause it to fail because it was not meant to handle the sludge. Also, if you have an excess of leaking water in your home whether through leaking or dripping faucets or toilets, then there will be too much water going into your drain field, which will cause it to fill up too fast. If your drain field fills up and doesn’t have time for the liquids to saturate into the ground, it will cause your septic system to back up. If your drain (or leach) field fails, we can fix that for you! Even though we are in the septic tank business, we would rather give you as much information as possible to keep your septic system healthy and working properly, so you don’t have to incur that extra expense!