The Septic Tank Challenge

Septic Tank Repair with risers

The Septic Tank Challenge

Sometimes there are many obstacles or challenges to get to your septic tank system. We have encountered septic tanks under sidewalks, decks, and even patios.

We know you’re ready to install that beautiful deck or patio so you can enjoy sitting outside while you entertain friends, watch the kids, or even just enjoy a morning coffee. But, don’t spend all that money before you find out where your septic system is located.

Your septic tank needs to be pumped every 3-5 years, so we need to have access to it. We would hate to have to tear up your newly installed deck, patio, or sidewalk costing you even more money to repair those items when you can just plan ahead and find out where that septic tank is located first!

And about those picturesque landscapes! Think about where those roots are growing, because if they grow into your septic tank, septic lines, or drain field you’re going to have to face the issues they will cause as well. So, just plan before you plant!

Another suggestion would be to install risers like the one in the picture. A riser has a lid that comes off, so we don’t have to dig to get to your septic tank. We just open the lid to pump the tank!

Now, we know you may have moved into a home that already has obstacles to get to your septic tank and we will do our best to beat the Septic Tank Challenge, find your tank, and solve your septic problems. So, Lawrenceville, give us a call at Septic Tank Repair Service.

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